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We kindly offer you to make yourself a career with us. Our company has professional and friendly staff. We would be glad if you join us. Even if you have found nothing appropriate, you can send your CV to us hr@bcvgroup.ru and we will contact you.

The expert in the area of building and construction works

Civil engineer diploma, experience in construction arrangement, knowledge of design and estimate documentation, engineering skills. English is an advantage.

EMail: hr@bcvgroup.ru
Warehouse inspector

40 and older; higher, specialized secondary education; experience in handling with stocks of materials and capital equipment is preferable; discipline and strict instructions conformity; soldier retirees enjoy advantages.

EMail: hr@bcvgroup.ru

Higher, incomplete higher education, specialized secondary education; experience in accounting, goods storage, banking, industrial or agrarian holding companies offer advantages.

EMail: hr@bcvgroup.ru
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